Hello!  Welcome to DJ’s blog!  I’m a pretty simple guy with a ton of interests!  Most of which I hope to share with you here on this site.  I hope to do it in a way that will share with you who I am, inspire you in some fashion, teach you from my experiences, and most importantly, allow for you to respond to me so I can grow even more as a person.

I’m fortunate to have a great family of my own.  It all starts with the amazing relationship I have with my wife.  She is an amazing woman, not only because she gave me three wonderful and beautiful children, but she has helped me overcome many obstacles in my life.  You can learn more about what I mean as I share with you parts of my life in the ‘Family’ section part of my blog.

My three children constantly remind me of how precious life is and how our time here on earth is so short.  One of my goals of this blog is to help share with you ways I’ve found to get more time with my kids.  The special projects I’ve taken on to make life with them even more exciting than it already is.  There is nothing better than hearing my children laugh and seeing smile on their face.  My wife and I do our best to make sure that when they go to bed at night, they are going to bed happy!

Even though I can’t get enough time with my kids, when they are off to bed, that’s when I find my time to pursue other interests of mine… interests that don’t make any noise!  So I usually get my computer out, catch up on email, see what’s new in my friends lives via Facebook, and I like to program.  I’m not an extreme programmer and I’m not the typical stereo type, but I do enjoy it.  If I have time, a jam out on my drum set (not during the evening, of course), or I sometimes train for half-marathons.  With four races under my belt, I hope to do more.

Although I could go on and on, I’ll save it for the rest of the blog!  I hope I’ve just scratched the surface of who I am and intrigue you to read on throughout my blog!